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Age:  51

Hobbies:  Hiking, writing, cooking, contemplating, connecting with nature.

Life Interests:  I am a longtime student of yoga and meditation.  I began practicing at the age of 12 and became seriously devoted to the practice in my late 20’s. I have taught yoga, yoga breathing and meditation. I enjoy working with food, organic gardening, holistic natural home remedies and home making my own non-chemical hygiene and cleaning products.  I write and enjoy public speaking on the subject of spiritual self development, sustainable living and holistic health care.


Awake, Aware and Alive in America


20 years

and Non-Medical

              Casey Claar



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I have been working in personal care for most of my adult life, professionally for more than 20 years, in various settings such as large retirement communities, small group care homes and private residences.  I began my work as a live-in caregiver and advanced to becoming a licensed Long Term Care Administrator in the state of Nevada.  When I moved to Southern California in the summer of 2005 I began to focus my work and have since found a comfortable niche care assisting, and small house/staff managing when needed with private families and individuals. I sincerely enjoy what I do, which includes assisting older adults, disabled adults and those with special needs -mental health and/or behavioral challenges.

I have experience with all common aging diagnosis, as well as *dietary related issues, *memory disorders and *mental illness.  I have worked with the hearing impaired, legally blind, and have brief experience with M.S. and Parkinson’s.  I work with the ambulatory and non-ambulatory and have extensive experience with continence and ostomy care.  In the event of rehab or hospice I assist with vital readings, drip line, oxygen, wound vac and catheter. 

Assisting people in a way that is both kind and also helpful is important to me.  It requires patience and is part of the ongoing process of getting to know someone.  In this sense I begin new each time I meet someone new, which is a part of the joy of my work.  It stays current and fresh.  There is always the element of having to be deeply present, constantly paying attention.--Being quick, creative and resourceful.

General areas of assistance:


Personal Care and Hygiene

Transfers, Ambulation and Escort

Medication Management 

Light Housekeeping 

Nutrition, Meal Planning and Preparation

Transportation:  *reliable car fully insured with clean driving record

Shopping, Errands, and Appointments

Activities and Hobbies

Health and Well Being


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