Sending A Gift

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In a gift based help-care system there is no transaction. There is a one way flow of pure love and pure intent. There are no terms. No conditions. Help and care are given simply, for the sake itself of giving.—Where there is a need.

If you have been guided to this page and feel you would like to participate in this light,

to contribute to the support of The Project and the availability of gift based help-care

for others there are a variety of avenues available.


  1. Bullet  The greatest extension you can make is to the gift based structure itself.  If upon
            discovering it you feel it to be worthwhile, worthy of existing as an option in the world
            today then the greatest thing you can do is to offer yourself to the structure. Become
            a part of it.—Do something for someone.  Unconditionally.  A simple act of kindness.
            GIVE it to the world.  Smile at people.  Genuinely smile.  Greet those who are not often
            greeted.  Who lack connection.  Something as simple as a nod, meeting them in the eye.
            If you feel to venture further you may find it moving to offer what it is you do for a
            living (or for a hobby) to someone—or to a percentage of people who may need or
            simply be benefitted by it.  Bringing this way of being into your life. Into the lives of
            others. Living it.—Is the idea. The representation that in essence depicts what true
            LiFE and LIVING is.  Become a part of it.

            Sharing  your own, and other gift based movements with us so we can grow together
            and become a resource larger than ourselves alone is another way to give.
            May we include you in our
    Community Resource?


  1. Bullet  We will periodically be including collaborative care efforts to continue our extension
           of gift based help-care to those who are without the funds to bring it in.—And to
           those who are in need of help but cannot find it in time to prevent a hardship on the
           part of one who is in need of care. As can be with medical home care, memory care and
           situations involving complicated needs.
    When this option is in use there will be a link
           here to the collaborative effort. Your participation in bringing the effort into the
           awareness of others by sharing the link is priceless. And we thank you.


                    Now raising funds for elders, disabled and veterans living out of doors.


  1. Bullet  For those who prefer using Paypal, and to forward directly to us this avenue will be
           open and available ongoingly.  Forward to us once, once a month or once a year as you
           are moved.  Everything helps. —We, ourselves will continue moving your gift forward
           through hands-on care services, related necessities (supplies, food for the hungry,
           alternative and additional care costs, etc.), spreading awareness and more. Inspiring
           the flow,—the continuous flow of forward movement through all those we come
           into connection with.  Keep ( it ) moving outward.

  1. Bullet  If you prefer to forward by cashiers or personal check, or to send a gift card for food,

       gasoline or other essential,—Or you would simply like to write us!

       Please send to:

       The 1 1 1 1 Project

       c/o Karen (Casey) Claar

       P.O. Box 25777, Los Angeles, CA 90025

    Your gift is appreciated.—every $1 helps.

    We send our deepest gratitude.


Giving is in itself receiving

Love is the answer, you are the avenue.The world and all it’s occupants your objective.

Just let it flow.

“Allow Love an avenue  t h r o u g h  you,

out to the place where you have desired to care.”

                                       It is all one. All at once.

Gift Based Help-Care