The 1111 Project

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Simple people,

Forming simple support structures,

Grounding simple, sustainable ideas.—Change the world.

Color the world more brilliant and beautifully !

1 People — 1 Heart — 1 Mind —  1 Simple Idea

What kind of ripple can we make?

What kind of world,—new ways, new structures can we create? 

What would WE be if we combined, what new possibilities would exist?

I want to show you. 

Light my Project with your love and even one simple $dollar and

I will GIVE myself;

the remainder of my days to being the living example.

Let our heart become our Earth!


The majority of people who are in need of basic help

and home care cannot afford it.


The 1 1 1 1 Project: A gift based help-care system.

Awake, Aware and Alive in America